Composite Aluminum Cladding System

Composite Aluminum Cladding System

composite aluminum cladding system

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composite aluminum cladding  system

Aluminum composite panel (ACP) is made of aluminum alloy and plastic material to feature great hardness, light weight and smooth service, provided with wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles to offer broader options for construction design, in a bid to better meet the requirements of contemporary construction on light weight, elegant decoration and high hardness.

1) Excellent fireproof property
2) Super peeling strength
3) Perfect cold resistance performance
4) Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
5) Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance
6) Even coating, various colors
7) Superior impact resistance
8) Lightweight and easy to process
9) Easy to maintain

Wooden pallet or in bulk

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As one of the credible and excellent composite aluminum cladding system manufacturers and suppliers in China, XINGHE also introduces many advanced technology and equipment to enhance its composite aluminum cladding system performance and quality. Welcome to wholesale composite aluminum cladding system made in China with our factory.

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